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ADD£ºYixing Economic Development Zone
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¡¡¡¡Our company is a Joint Venture company ,located in Yixing city ,Jiangsu Province, within the economically developing place of the delta of Yangtse and Grand Shanghai Area. We mainly deal with R&D and production, import and export of various chemicals for electronic materials ,metal coating and food ingredients Industry. Now we have successfully built close and long term cooperation with many domestic and international major companies. We are also the sole agent of some Chinese manufacturers for oversea marketing ¡­¡­
Jun 28,2007
Dec 24,2006
Revision of web site on company is success.
Tin(¢ò) methanesulfonate  2009-3-4 11:39:07
Nickel sulfamate  2009-3-4 11:32:12
Methanesulfonic Acid silver salt  2009-3-4 11:31:58
Bismuth Methane Sulfonate  2009-3-4 11:31:41
Copper Methaylsulfonate  2009-3-4 11:31:20
Sodium Gluconate  2007-6-23 16:47:58
Sodium Hypophosphite  2007-6-15 10:02:16
Sodium Permanganate  2007-6-15 9:54:30
Succinic Acid  2007-6-15 9:37:48
Thiourea  2007-6-15 9:34:54
Etchant  2007-6-15 9:27:19
¡¡Our company manufacture all kinds of electronic chemical products, mainly used in semiconductor line, plating and LCD line ect.